i aim my arrows high (aimmyarrowshigh) wrote in higherarrowsfic,
i aim my arrows high

Cross-posting to AO3 (by popular request)

ALL fics are in the process of being moved to AO3, but I'm going alphabetically down my masterlist, so it's taking a little while. :) Yes, Sheylinson and MYEYNL will also be posted to AO3. Genesis' current three chapters are already crossposted and all future chapters will be posted both here and AO3 concurrently.


Enjoy, I hope.
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yay, i'm really glad that you decided to crosspost the fics to ao3. i'm one of those who don't know what else to write in a comment besides the obvious keysmash because of awesomeness, so kudos on ao3 is my friend, haha :)
I might be alone, but I'd prefer keysmashes to kudos -- they still express thoughts, I guess? IDK. I'll get used to it.
Is Genesis gonna be delayed a week on AO3, or have I missed Part Four for some reason lol?
Btw, glad you're doing it, it's so much more convenient! .xxx
Part 4 will be up tomorrow --- I took two days off to work on sheylinson with Lucy. :)
Well shit if Sheylinson's involved then there is ALWAYS room for forgiveness.;) xxx